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URL: leadfeeder.com

Legal Name: Leadfeeder

Primary Location: Uudenmaankatu 100, 00120 Helsinki, Finland Map

Legal Name: Leadfeeder

Industry/Sector: Internet Software & Services

Subindustry: Internet Software & Services

Related Tags: Technology, Information Technology & Services, Internet, SAAS, B2B,
Internet Software & Services, Software & Services

Employees: 80

Year Founded: 2012



Company Description

Leadfeeder is a lead generation tool for B2B companies. You can turn your website visitors into sales leads by discovering the companies that visit your website and what they do there. Generating good sales leads is important. There are many pote...

64 / 100

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Internal job site https://www.leadfeeder.com/jobs
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Image Name Title Description
user-pic Pekka KoskinenFounder and CEOFounder at Leadfeeder
user-pic Kosti LepojärviProduct ManagerKosti Lepojärvi is a product manager at Leadfeeder.
user-pic Vicent LlongoFounder and Head of EngineeringFounder at Leadfeeder
user-pic Jaakko PaalanenCSO
user-pic Jesse PärnänenBusiness Development Director
user-pic Herkko KiljunenFounder and CTOFounder at Leadfeeder
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Internal job site https://www.leadfeeder.com/jobs
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