How Internships have changed due to Covid-19?
Article last updated on 12th May 2020
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Many different activities have changed in our life due to Covid-19. It has not only changed our life, but this virus has also disturbed our working environments in many ways.

We rarely see the gathering of people around us, when we look outside. Social distancing and travel restrictions (because of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide) are forcing the companies and organizations to reconsider the method of apprenticeships and internships for university students.

Due to the safety threats, many Internships have been postponed or even worse cancelled this year, which has caused a great deal of disruption to student goals impacting their career choices. It is a real challenge for the last year university students who have their internships periods during Covid-19.

Many organisations have started Internships abroad where students can participate by staying at home. CFA has recently announced that they are starting a Virtual Internship program for summer 2020. While staying at home, the CFA Virtual Internship program 2020 will give a special chance to students to learn global and professional experience.

CFA realizes that students’ plans of Internships have been disrupted; therefore all the motivated students can avail that opportunity to explore International learning and can continue their career.

Similarly, NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) is going to shift internships online. They are also limiting the duration of internships. Some organizations are condensing a 10-12 week internship into one to two weeks.

In light of Covid-19, some of the companies are taking the following steps for internships.

  • Moving their internship programs into effective ones, by making sure that hired interns will work remotely.
  • Some of them have delayed and canceled their internship programs.
  • Many organisations have decided online internships.

Students were working hard to improve their careers but in this global health crisis, no doubt it is a real challenge for them. Internships of some of the students have been canceled.

Hang in there though, as time is moving forward lots of companies are adapting quickly to be able to work in a new way and thus internships are also being moved to online and at home. If you have a summer internship planned for this year and it has been cancelled have a look at the Remote Section of CareerSaaS to see where else are providing remote internships this year.

Make the most of all the extra time that you have free and plan for your career after you graduate by researching companies and careers that you would be interested in when you start applying for a full time role. Research the companies and look at articles that could help better understand the industry that you are looking to enter.

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